About Mountain Partners

Mountain Partners is a global multi-fund manager. It acts as a global holding company for a diversified investment portfolio and a global network of VC funds that spans three continents. Founded in 2005, the Mountain Partners House of Funds today encompasses 16 independent VC funds & investment vehicles. In total, we are invested in more than 170 active portfolio companies.

A pioneer of investing in GP stakes in VC funds, we partner with the most promising managers in high-growth markets. Together we are building some of the leading local VC firms. The funds are managed independently by local managers and raise third-party capital. Mountain Partners acts as an anchor investor and provides operational support. As a result, we hold both GP and LP stakes in our partner funds.

Our Global Network

Our network of VC funds spans three continents. The Mountain Partners House of Funds encompasses 16 independent VC funds & investment vehicles in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


Mountain Partners AG acts as our global holding company. It contains a diversified investment portfolio and is at the center of a global network of VC funds that spans three continents. Founded in 2005, the Mountain Partners House of Funds today encompasses 16 independent VC funds & investment vehicles. In total, we are invested in more than 170 active portfolio companies.

Angelgate AG is a Club of Business Angels from all over Europe. It selects, structures and negotiates investment possibilities for and with its members. Angelgate's exclusive circle of members helps them to extend their opportunities for action, taking advantage of their know-how and insider networks at one stroke. Every member brings their own core competence and key questions which enhance our network further.

Conny & Co. is our global best-of fund. Leveraging the unique access through the Mountain Partners house of funds, the fund invests in a de-risked global best-of selection with increased transparency and quick returns. 

Conny & Co. is the culmination of a development that started in 2005 with the founding of Mountain Partners. This unique global network across Europe, Latin America, and Asia allows the Fund to address some of the key issues of the traditional VC model.



Mountain Alliance AG (MA), formerly Ecommerce Alliance AG, is a publicly listed operative investment company based in Munich, Germany. MA invests in more mature digital assets and holds, accelerates and sells them, once their value-creation potential is maximized. Through its listing, MA enables its shareholders a simple access to a diversified portfolio of digital assets.

Rheingau Founders is a professional co-founder with a focus on building digital businesses. Through its partners’ experience from various successful start-ups, Rheingau Founders can actively support the founding team in the very early stages of their start-up project. Aside from providing their portfolio companies with first and follow-on financing, Rheingau Founders play a very active role in the start-up’s crucial operations for the first 12-24 months after foundation.


Nazca (formerly Mountain Nazca) is an early-stage venture capital firm that provides revolutionary empowerment to founders in Mexico and Latin America.

Nazca was founded in 2014 with a challenging mission: to empower the best leaders in Mexico and Latin America, fully based on merit. To balance the status-quo between capital and talent. We believe that by doing so, we are setting the region on a path towards social and economic success.

EWA Capital Colombia is a Bogotá-based venture capital fund that invests in early-stage companies routed in innovation and technology that boast high expansion and scalability potential. Colombia represents a strategic hub for startups to test, improve and pivot their business models efficiently and cheap, using their learnings to expand throughout Latin America.

Mountain Chile is a venture capital fund focused on investment opportunities with the most innovative startups in the southern cone (SoCo) region. Founded in 2013, Mountain Chile operates out of Santiago, Chile. Mountain Chile is a founding member of the ACVC (Chilean Venture Capital Association), actively shaping the ecosystem in the country in terms of government programs and legal frameworks. Also, the Chilean fund is proudly supported by Corfo, Chile's government program, supporting entrepreneurship in the country.


Mountain Partners Southeast Asia, based in Singapore, is the central holding company that holds and manages all Asian assets.

Mountain Lion is a Sri Lanka-based company builder. They analyze scalable opportunities and identify market gaps. Mountain Lion then actively supports the founding team and help build up the buisness. In addition to seed and follow-on financing, Mountain Lion play a very active role in the start-up’s crucial initial operations. 

What we believe

The digital revolution is transforming all industries at exceptional speed, generating solid returns with continuing momentum in the coming years. We think that traditional businesses will continue to be challenged and disrupted by new digital startups and the domination of tech companies will become even more prevalent. 

We are convinced that emerging markets provide great growth potential for digital businesses. The digital world is a globalized world, but emerging markets are lagging behind the U.S. and Europe. As a consequence, many proven successful business models in developed markets will be transferred or adapted to emerging markets. Investors must be prepared to adapt to these changes and ready to capitalize on the many opportunities of an increasingly digitalized world. 

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